The independent will face 45-year GOP incumbent, Rep. Don Young, in November.
VERCAMMEN: Sarah Palin for President, 2016 -- is it possible? Gov. PALIN: Anything in this life, in this world, is possible
Virtually no polling has been conducted on the Republican race in Alaska going into the contest on Super Tuesday. The following
* About 67 percent of Alaska were Caucasian, 14.8 percent were American Indian or Alaska natives, 3.3 percent were African
Here's Steve Wackowski, spokesman for the Murkowski campaign, about the rumor: "That's not true," he said. "No one on our
This could be a golden opportunity for Democrats to reclaim Alaska's past and usher in a new era of moderate, hard-working sensible and centrist Democrats to guide the state to a profitable, post-oil future.
Another primary night has come and gone. As always, it's time to check in on the media narratives that have ruled over the campaign season, to see how they fared in last night's tilts. As it turns out, it's sort of a mixed bag!
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Alaska's U.S. Senate race promises to be the first real test of the tea party movement's political
Ted Stevens and Sarah Palin will not be on the ballot in Tuesday's Alaska primary, but they may loom large in voters' minds
Promising not to quit is now a legitimate campaign pledge for Republican candidates in the state of Alaska.