American Airlines

A jury in Texas has cleared American Airlines of responsibility for an alleged sexual assault by a celebrity chef it hired against one of its flight attendants.
An American Airlines flight heading to Washington, D.C., made an emergency landing in Missouri after a struggle with a passenger.
Pilots turned the Boeing 777 around less than an hour into the transatlantic flight.
The former Miss Universe had her wardrobe-shaming moment chronicled on Instagram.
Airlines have reported more than 5,000 incidents involving unruly passengers this year.
The flight attendant was punched at least twice and had “multiple broken bones in her face,” according to the Association of Professional Flight Attendants.
Workers at Piedmont Airlines say their wages are too low to live on. Now they might join other striking workers.
Southwest and American airlines, both based in Texas, said they will follow federal vaccine mandates, even though Gov. Greg Abbott banned companies from requiring employees to be vaccinated.
The airlines said federal law "supersedes" any state action, a blow to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.
The airline said it hopes the cancellations will help avoid future disruptions as it deals with a labor shortage and inclement weather.