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Amber Galloway Gallego is "the real MVP for keeping up wit me," the rapper said.
The deaf model and artist's take on Grande's smash got praise from the pop diva herself.
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The coffee giant is aiming to hire deaf and hard-of-hearing people to work at the new location.
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The only place that I felt I could appropriately learn these terms was by socializing with my LGBTQ Deaf and signing peers.
During a Language Readiness for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children forum hosted by the Pennsylvania Society for Advancement
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Douglas Ridloff is the host of the ASL Slam, a growing performance group based in New York.
So you’ve planned an event: selected a date, gave it an official name, and rented a space. Perhaps you already rented tables
And not just because his publicist made him.
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It's now easier than ever to learn sign language.
Deaf babies who do not have access to a signed language cannot easily articulate their wants and needs with caregivers, and
It's rare when a writer is able to give us a story so believably through the eyes of a child. Kaye Gibbons did this with Ellen Foster, a book that became an Oprah Pick.
Over the past few years, I've developed significant bilateral hearing loss. We're still not sure why or if it's going to get worse. But during this transition to understanding everyone around me to struggling to piece together context clues and pathetic attempts at lip reading, I have learned a few things.