Ann McLane Kuster

This legislation would ensure members of Congress are subject to sexual harassment training and settlements are made public.
The two were battling to represent the state's 2nd District. Below, more updates on election news: Rep. Annie Kuster (D) defeated
NEW HAMPSHIRE SENATE: Though Brown called his December move to New Hampshire "strictly personal," the relocation was immediately
The group's spending on the new ads in Colorado and New Hampshire brings its total to more than $35 million on TV spots in
Watch the ad targeting Kuster here: Watch the ad targeting Nolan here: The Minnesota ad spotlights President Barack Obama's
Half of New Hampshire's all-female congressional delegation said Friday they'd like to see Hillary Clinton run for president
CNN's exit polls for the state showed a significant 20-point gender gap that favored Obama and likely contributed to the
"I'm not trying to harass you," Klepacki stated. Klepacki, while recording, attempted to get Kuster's attention on a number
Today marks the 47th anniversary of the creation of Medicare. It's a remarkable record that speaks to the decency and compassion of our country. Yet on this anniversary, we can't afford to merely honor that legacy. We have to protect it.
Contraception saves lives, prevents unplanned pregnancies, improves outcomes for children and reduces the number of abortions. As an adoption attorney, I know firsthand how difficult and how private these choices are for women.