bell hooks

So why don't they?? Well it all seems to have started in 2014 when, during a conversation on one of Beyoncé's magazine covers
For the record, we both acknowledge Beyoncé's talent and appreciate why so many people, and women in particular, are applauding Lemonade, and perhaps seeing themselves in it. That's not our issue or focus. The impetus for this conversation was a post on Facebook discussing feminist scholar bell hooks' response to Beyoncé's visual album, Lemonade.
We all know Bey slays, but commentary like bell hooks' moves the conversation forward.
No celebration of Women's History Month would be complete without acknowledging the extraordinary achievements of Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Gilman was the most important feminist thinker in the United States.
Perhaps there's something different this time and I'm more open to listening to the solitude; allowing it to speak silence, truth, and rest into my life.
New York City moves fast and aspirations soar higher than skyscrapers. The philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre described it as a place for people who can focus to infinity and whenever he stopped walking quickly, he felt anxious.
Dolezal's white-to-black "passing" is the complication of both white guilt and white rage in an era of Affirmative Action.
Angela Davis, bell hooks, Gloria Steinem -- they were the second-wave women who brought feminist thinking to the table and
If Beyoncé wants to call herself a feminist she cannot attend, endorse and help to fund two men who disrespect women and their rights. She did indeed look stunning that night, but I wish she had shown off her outfit and beauty at a different event.
A brilliant new tumblr mashes up the renowned feminist thinker's words with images of the oh-so-90s TV show, "Saved By The
Sometimes, when I tell people that I am a feminist, they are a little confused about what, exactly, I mean.
Feminism has become the word du jour. But what's its message? Its goals? Why is it so divisive?
Can you wear high heels without pandering to the patriarchy? For some, choosing to portray an image that the culture values
Towards the end of the talk, a young woman in the audience asked Steinem how she unfailingly attempts to dismantle the patriarchy
I live at the intersection of sexism and fatphobia. This is my daily reality, so in all honesty, I expected the backlash I received. It's what keeps many fat women quiet. But I'm here to give all of us a voice. I will not be silenced.
We know that heterosexism is real and that white gay men, especially gender non-conforming men, experience antagonism, and, yet, we should be clear not to minimize the reality of white patriarchy and the advantages daily afforded to white men, regardless of their sexual identities. Privilege much?
I read in Variety that 12 Years a Slave will now be taught in U.S. high schools. What an achievement. I learned a great deal from the film and am thrilled others will have the opportunity to engage in both the written form as well as the cinematic portrayal of Solomon Northup's story.