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Slashing the Cost of Infrastructure For our hypothetical purposes, let's say $11.1 billion is transferred from the PMIA and
The Republican candidates for president have campaigned all over the country lamenting the rough recovery from the recession
The hike would be a boon to most low-wage workers, though rural areas might suffer.
The loss to California's agricultural industry alone is estimated at $1.84 billion.
California has been the epicenter of innovation in America over the last 100 years. Our companies have revolutionized the entertainment, agriculture, transportation and technology sectors. It is increasingly clear that clean energy is the next frontier in the innovation economy. California already has a head start.
California's economy hasn't thrived because it's run by Democrats, but rather because of liberal culture. Not liberal values in the classic sense -- equality, peace, and justice -- but rather the liberal mindset that's open and flexible.
The economic pain caused by California's relentless drought will cost the state's agriculture industry $2.7 billion this