Donald Trump's presidential campaign says he's raised more than $34 million for his 2024 White House run since the start of the year.
Dr. Mehmet Oz struggled to explain his embarrassing crudité shopping video during an interview on Newsmax.
The former secretary of state didn’t hold back when she was asked what she really thought of the first lady’s anti-cyberbullying campaign.
President Donald Trump is being slammed for disregarding to pay back cities for holding his campaign rallies.
Three consultants for the conservative Texas Democrat have left since late January.
Once a self-styled “Prada socialist” labeled as “too extreme” by Arizona Democrats, U.S. Sen. Sinema (D-Ariz.) has found new power as a centrist in an evenly split Senate.
The Georgia Republican’s campaign released a new ad that claims she’s more conservative than Attila the Hun –– one of the most barbaric rulers in history.
President Donald Trump’s campaign carelessly used a stock photo of Russian jets in a 9/11 “Support Our Troops” ad.
New ads from BlackPAC are part of a wave of paid media starring the first Black woman on a major party's national ticket.
“America is respected in the world again.” The vice president bragged about how other countries view the U.S. under President Donald Trump.