Cannabis drug

A “yes” vote on both referendums would arguably make the nation of 5 million one of the more liberal countries in the world.
Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, or CHS, causes severe abdominal pain, nausea and “cyclic vomiting” among regular marijuana users.
The suspect approached the bench to discuss his sentence but instead expressed his views on legalizing marijuana before lighting up a marijuana cigarette and smoking it in front of the judge.
"They treat us like animals," he said of police searching his car while he performed in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Both Michigan and Illinois, which allows sales starting on Jan. 1, are officially joining nine other states that broadly allow marijuana sales.
The victim ordered his tea with "extra lemon," which he now believes was code for marijuana, since he found three bags of weed in his cup.
Veterinary experts share their advice for handling this increasingly common situation.
Officials don't intend to test the plants to see if they are marijuana or hemp because there is no criminal case.
A new study on rats could help explain why marijuana has different effects on people.