Cannabis drug

Officials don't intend to test the plants to see if they are marijuana or hemp because there is no criminal case.
A new study on rats could help explain why marijuana has different effects on people.
Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced a proposal Saturday to legalize recreational marijuana statewide for people 21 and over by Jan. 1, 2020.
The industry sees beverages, delivery services and a lot more female consumers as the future of the marijuana business.
More and more elderly people are using pot to help them with all of their aches and pains.
“Is the enforcement and prosecution of marijuana possession making us safer as a city? The answer is emphatically no,” State’s Attorney Marylin Mosby said.
Long wait and lack of money plague efforts to offer financial aid and boost access to the booming industry.
But it will likely be a few years before Michiganders can legally buy cannabis at retail stores.
Marijuana tax revenue has the biggest impact when there’s little other industry in town.
The law is set to take effect on December 6.
Canada has become the second country to legalize marijuana.
Charlotte Gill says that customers who eat her cannabis-laced crustaceans won't test positive for marijuana.
The former Mexican president believes trade agreements on pot will boost the economies of both Mexico and the U.S.
Cannabis lawyers share 5 factors you should consider before carrying on a plane.
If the legislation is signed into law, it would resolve a decadeslong conflict between state and federal marijuana laws.
“When the government uses 20th-century tools to tackle 21st-century problems, it’s the public that pays the price."
The Small Business Administration says that companies that derive any portion of their revenue from marijuana are ineligible for loan assistance.
“Laws and public opinion are evolving, but past convictions for marijuana-related offenses can still haunt someone.”
According to these films, smoking pot may make you dance the Charleston.