These experts share their personal diets and how they approach nutrition with their patients to try to prevent heart disease.
"This study clearly goes against what has been the common wisdom for the last 30, 40 years," said one cardiologist.
The former president paid tribute to Dr. Mark Hausknecht, describing him as "a fantastic cardiologist and a good man."
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You can save a life by learning to recognize these conditions and being prepared to take appropriate action.
It is important to remember that even though there is no cure for LQTS, many deaths can be prevented through early diagnosis, proper precautions, and appropriate treatment.
As a cardiologist and physician-scientist, and former President of the American Heart Association and World Heart Federation, I have dedicated my life to promoting cardiovascular health and wellness for youth. Health education and basic lifesaving training are important ways to invest in their future health and well-being, and to make our communities safer.
What I hope will happen in the next decade is that we will become ever more responsible for our own health, that we will pay attention to our cardiovascular health, and that we will reduce our chances of suffering these kinds of events.
In a recent cross-sectional study on over 180 asymptomatic heart failure patients, we reported that more gratitude was associated with less depression, better sleep and less peripheral inflammation.
Last week, my post started a conversation between myself and Dr. Adam Feinberg. In this week's post, our conversation continues, and we'll outline some of the exciting developments that are on the horizon for heart treatment.