The Tesla CEO won the defamation lawsuit from Vernon Unsworth, who Musk suggested was a pedophile.
Stefanie Payne stands beneath a massive stalagmite at Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Photo credit: Jonathan Irish 13 parks
I've noticed that each of the five major geographic regions offer up distinctive qualities and dispositions. They are, of course, bound together by a common pride and gladness for their shared ship, but they are also quite different, and each is worth visiting for its inimitability and exceptional assets.
When you take your first step into Mammoth Cave National Park, you are immediately transported into a subterranean fantasy
After the insanity of our first 4 days in New Zealand, Shannon and I were in the mode to elevate our minds, bodies and spirits
Like many of the growing numbers of tourists visiting the Adriatic coastal region, I've been to Slovenia numerous times. What keeps attracting me back to explore more each time is the combination of pure nature, wine and gastronomical offerings, and the hospitality of the local people.
"One of our most fundamental needs is for social connection and a feeling that we belong," Dr. Vanessa Bohns, assistant professor
Unless you've been under a travel rock for the past couple of years, you've probably heard about the discovery of Hang Sơn Đoòng (HSD), the largest cave in the world. The good news? It's now open to explorers.
Gaping Gill, located in North Yorkshire, England, is Britain's largest cave and it's open to explorers. Spelunking dreams
I had arrived in Zagreb a week earlier to meet five fellow seasoned travelers to explore some of Croatia's incredible outdoor activities and culinary delights. We were looking forward to the stunning countryside, preserved parks and gastronomic specialties.