Thousands of subreddits chose to go dark in an ongoing protest over the company's plan to start charging certain third-party developers to access the site’s data.
Elon Musk asked Twitter users whether he should step down as CEO, and to his apparent dismay, a majority called on him to leave.
The media mogul is stepping down from his role as chairman and CEO of CBS after a fresh range of sexual assault and harassment allegations were revealed in The New Yorker.
Starbucks has named a longtime PepsiCo executive as its new CEO.
The McDonald's exec is under fire after a text to Chicago's mayor was revealed through a Freedom of Information Act request.
Pay packages rose yet again last year for the CEOs of the biggest companies, even though the pandemic sent the economy to its worst quarter on record.
Dan Price, who made headlines six years ago for taking a massive pay cut to ensure a liveable wage for his employees, released a Twitter video hitting back at the naysayers at Fox News.
"Conversations are great to build a foundation, but they get real thin, real fast if you don’t take action."
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Dominion Energy chief Thomas Farrell II will remain executive chairman of the utility, which provides electricity and natural gas to customers in eight states.
“We always talk about diversity as a fact, but inclusion is a choice," says Sasan Goodarzi, the CEO of Intuit.
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