dara torres

It's so good she wakes up without an alarm.
"Even when I retire as an athlete, it will drive me for the rest of my life."
One's male, one's female -- and both are total powerhouses.
The swimmer thinks she'd probably 'do OK' at the Games, but it still won't happen.
During Dara Torres' inspirational keynote, I was able to take notes on everything and I gathered the top 3 takeaway lessons for me personally
This disease is rare, but it can potentially take an otherwise-healthy child's life within 24 hours. It is important to know that this disease can be prevented. So I am sure you are reading this and wondering why isn't it prevented?
Many of us have, or will, arrive at a juncture in life where we'll stop, think twice and poke a hole in a goal or dream based on our age. We'll say the five dreaded words: "I'm too old for that."
Publicly, athletes often attribute their success to effort above all else. It's what sells on Madison Ave. No one wants to hear the playing field is not level - it muddies the message, certainly the one parents like me constantly try to convince our children of, that life is what you make of it. But in the rarified arenas of sport, of competition through physical expression, I know this isn't true.
She's not alone -- vigorous exercisers report getting better sleep than non-exercisers, according to a recent poll from the
Music gets me motivated -- I always listen every time I train because it makes me work out harder.