One push for getting the House speaker to allow a vote on aid centered on Russian invaders’ treatment of Ukraine’s small evangelical Christian community.
Tim Alberta, staff writer at The Atlantic, said he was discouraged by interviews with several high-profile evangelical figures.
An influential Christian conservative said many evangelicals are "exhausted" by the former president, especially in one key state.
"How had I missed such obvious, significant parts of the people who were closest to me?"
Iowa's Bob Vander Plaats said the former president "presents our biggest risk of losing."
The coup-attempting, under-multiple-indictments former president is skipping a high-profile forum for evangelical voters.
America wants "to turn the page to the next generation leader," suggested Family Leader CEO Bob Vander Plaats.
Evangelical leaders appear to be stepping back from Trump — and the former president isn't happy.
Donald Trump is mad at evangelicals for abandoning him after he announced his 2024 presidential run and he’s letting them know it.
The ex-president is ticked as some members of his most loyal bloc abandon him.