Evidence-based medicine

5. The ingredients matter To better understand why some open data projects fail while others succeed, we created a “periodic
The suggestion from this perfect storm is that we will not end medical deaths by focusing on excising errors from the existing
When you go to the hospital, you probably think you're going to receive the best, most current care. Otherwise, you would not entrust your care to that hospital. Evidence suggests, however, that you might be wrong.
Innovation is required to treat the complex children of the 21st century. We cannot wait for the research to catch up while
The shocking shadow lurking in Berwick's "moral era" made me recall the names of the cascade of reform activities on the way to this reckoning -- and of the shadow each holds. Can this call to purpose rein in the beast?
While most Rumi scholars would agree that it is a spiritual rather than a physical evolution that Rumi was describing, is
President, American College of Lifestyle Medicine In our own work, colleagues and I showed that it was possible to reduce
My passion for science is rather an open book, as are my musings on what "holistic" medicine is, and should be. Speaking
This Australian government report acknowledged a significant body of scientific evidence that homeopathic medicines are effective
For example, I have seen an employee, while seated in a conference, dangling two pedometers (of the type dispensed by the