After Anthony Ray Hinton spent 30 years awaiting his death sentence, his case went to the Supreme Court and he was set free. Now, he’s working to abolish the death penalty entirely.
Big Bad Wolf beau stalks her Little Red Riding Hood as her posts go public two years after her murder acquittal.
On behalf of the many innocent people in prison, I ask: why are the crimes that have been committed against us continually being swept under the rug of injustice?
In exoneration cases over the last two years, prosecution misconduct was responsible for 75% of the wrongful convictions.
Harmed by the system once, these former inmates face harm again by never knowing what they're owed.
It's the same pattern of misconduct, in exoneration after exoneration. When will there be accountability for the officers
When society can't trust the police who are supposed to protect and serve, it's a serious problem -- one that needed to be addressed a long time ago.
The activist talks about his MTV docuseries, which aims to help exonerate innocent people in prison.
There are currently more than 100 wrongful conviction cases under review in Brooklyn, New York. In this HuffPost Originals mini-documentary, we talked to three men whose lives were upended by wrongful convictions.
Prosecutors have been literally getting away with murder for years and it is past time for the free ride to end.