Ferguson City Council

Former Ferguson police dispatcher says someone will get hurt if city doesn't end its hiring freeze.
But residents are still upset about the city not signing an agreement with the Department of Justice.
ST. LOUIS -- The municipal election in Ferguson, Missouri, this week captivated the nation’s attention by attracting a record
FERGUSON, Mo. -- Voters showed up at polling places in record numbers for a municipal election in this St. Louis suburb on
“One of my fears is that the people in the community won’t come out and vote," Hawkins said. "I think we need to have an
“For those of us who were listening and paying attention, we are not surprised. Certainly, particular details of the report
As of late, Bell said, he hasn't been practicing law much and his role as municipal judge is just part-time, since Velda
The City Council also will attempt to repeal a “failure to appear” ordinance as well as administrative fees “which may impact