Fisk University

Black activism on college campuses is not a new initiative.
Why wouldn't you want to be around all this black excellence?
The late, great doctor held over 100 patents, and founded The Julian Laboratories, Inc. as well as a chemical plant in Guatemala
Du Bois was one of the towering intellectual figures of the 20th century. Fifty years after his death, his ideas -- and his activism for economic and social justice -- remain an important influence on American culture.
The bond between black churches and historically black colleges and universities has broadly painted the rich history of the Black American experience. Now many HBCUs are losing the support of their affliated churches.
Nikki Giovanni was born Yolanda Cornelia "Nikki" Giovanni in 1943. She has written numerous volumes of poetry and has been
Today the Association of Art Museum Directors and the American Association of Museums have released a joint statement which
Fisk University President Hazel O'Leary testified Thursday that the school may be forced to close if it doesn't sell off
Matthew Kennedy: One Man's Journey is a personal valentine to her father -- a man who accomplished things that few people ever have, even without the hindrance of racism.