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"Thank you for stepping up."
4. Don't force a friendship. You might be down to continue your weekend World of Warcraft PvP battles and taco truck runs
Can you really be friends with someone you dated -- even if he knows you better than anyone else? Do any great -- or even average -- romances ever end by segueing into a strong friendship?
As partners, you likely turned to each other for support on everything, but that's probably no longer appropriate.
The family dinner that's most important in our house is not the typical weeknight meal where my son, Javier, mumbles something about his day after an onslaught of questions from me. The one we treasure is the monthly meal we share with my ex-husband, Ed, who lives in another state.
When you are going through a divorce, you probably could never think of being friends with your ex. If you have children together, you need to both think about what's best for them.
But it is possible. We asked our readers to tell us how they were able to put aside their differences and maintain a close
My ex-wife Arlene and I have a very good relationship. It is a much better relationship than the one we would have had if we had actually stayed married. I hope my kids can appreciate that fact.
On Thursday, HuffPost blogger Susan Campos made the case for at least being friendly toward your ex in a blog post detailing
I understand how angry people can feel in the midst of a divorce, how vicious they can behave when they feel hated, betrayed and cheated. Because when I got divorced, I shared many of those sentiments.
Below, celebrity exes that remained friends after their split: A big, looming question after the breakup seems to be, "Can
Building a friendship off a breakup sucks. It's like slowly ripping a Band Aid off the hairiest arm in the world. But never have I experienced anything so conducive to my personal growth.