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There are times in my psychotherapy practice with gay men (individuals and couples) when I’m working with an individual, and
The American Psychiatric Association declared that homosexuality was not a mental disorder in 1973. Why do you think it took
A bipartisan effort called the “Youth Mental Health Protection Act” being pushed in West Virginia says "being lesbian, gay
Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey is back with the latest in his series of videos that explore issues affecting gay men throughout
Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey, recently released his latest video in a series dealing with everyday issues that affect
Reparative therapy claims that gay people can change their sexual orientation through religious counseling and other methods
When asked how he would respond to "a Christian suffering from same-sex attraction," Moore replied that Jesus is better than
Jones explains this ideology in her blog post: "So-called 'ex-gays' publicly promote the notion that LGBT people are sinning
In my film Camp Revelation, a young straight man tries to rescue his younger brother from an ex-gay therapy camp. To do so, he must pretend to be gay and enroll in the camp himself.
2011-08-08-Screenshot20110808at9.14.19AM.jpgEven a marvelous elocutionist like Rep. Michele Bachmann needs a little practice sometimes.
A former patient of Marcus Bachmann who suffered from crippling migraines revealed that he was told that prayer could relieve him of his urges to suffer from debilitating headaches and "re-orient" him into "mainstream, Christian society."
WATCH: Describing the sex columnist as "weapons-grade gay," Colbert steeled himself for the interview by bringing along his
We need to look beyond the shocking individual scandals to see that reparative therapy at its corrosive core is, in fact, scandalous. Isn't it time these "therapists" shut their doors and finally get the help they so desperately need?