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Relations between the two countries broke down in 2010 after an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla killed eight Turkish citizens and one Turkish-American.
As expected, Freedom Flotilla III ended last week as it was intercepted by the Israeli Navy in international waters -- a piratical and aggressive act against a ship solely carrying the flag of another state, Sweden.
To those in Gaza, the ships to Gaza whether in flotillas or one ship at a time, are a visible sign of the concern of citizens around the world for their welfare.
Does she want to grab a bite with us afterward? What is she going to wear? Is she going to partake in the Met Gala workout
A Snowden accompaniment flotilla of prominent and peace-loving Americans could assemble at the Moscow airport, and fly together from Moscow to Caracas. Snowden could fly from Moscow to Caracas under the protection of our company, like the Fellowship of the Ring.
Monday's talks saw Turkish diplomats paying their first official visit to Israel for the first time in three years since
Whether you see Obama's Israel speech as a great motivational speech or a white flag of surrender, the practical consequences for the public are largely the same: the initiative for justice is going to have to come from somewhere else.
Aside from its tunnel network, Gaza imports via Israel. U.N. figures show, for example, that 46,500 tonnes of building materials
The Turkish Foreign Ministry could not be reached for immediate comment, while Mark Regev, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister
There's probably nothing President Obama can do to convince some Republicans that he's pro-Israel. If President Obama split the Sea of Reeds and walked through it dry-shod, they'd accuse him of not being able to swim.
The people of Gaza can't wait for political leaders to decide it's in their interest to negotiate, so it's up to us -- as civil society -- to step up the pressure. That's what these waves of boats are doing.
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Prime Minister Erdogan is looking for -- and finding -- levers that can allow Turkey to build and wield the political and economic might commensurate to a strategically located country with a history of near-global hegemony.
Without putting too fine a point on it, Turkey has in the last few months been acting like a petulant child that doesn't get its dessert before the meal.
The collapse of Turkish-Israeli relations is a sad development and one is left to hope that somehow the last word has not been said yet.
A tremendous majority of those talking about the Gaza Strip blockade use 2007 as the start-date, unintentionally lending legitimacy to Israel's cause and effect explanation, an argument that pegs the closure to political events.
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, who has shown willingness to engage Hamas, on Saturday reiterated his view that the
Through it all, the Israelis helped us turn a potential non-story into a media blitz that has not ended. The passengers are now returning home to the local public spotlight.
I'm here as an activist passenger on the United States flotilla boat, blocked by the Greek government's decision. Our guiding question asks to what extent we can focus world attention on the plight of Palestinians in Gaza.
Benjamin Netanyahu should be very careful not to waste the goodwill that was shown towards Israel by refraining from any move towards the Palestinian Authority.