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DA Jackie Lacey's campaign opponent called out her office for risking lives by pushing cases that could have been dismissed or delayed.
After a close primary race, reformer candidate George Gascón will have the chance to unseat incumbent Jackie Lacey in November.
The Southern California race has found itself in the national spotlight as activists push to elect progressive prosecutors nationwide.
Progressive candidates are running to transform the Los Angeles district attorney’s office.
The district attorney says guards in a county jail watched as prisoners were pitted against each other.
A recent study found that consumers could save an estimated $2.5 billion each year on replacing phones and buying premium
San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have also pressed manufacturers
Anti-immigrant forces have hijacked the debate on comprehensive immigration reform by calling for more border security when our borders are the safest they've ever been. Talk of immigration reform attached to greater border security should be viewed with caution by those truly interested in reform.
The most effective way to end bullying is through prevention. We cannot prosecute our way out of bullying, nor can we suspend or expel our way to safe schools for our students. Zero tolerance discipline fails to address the causes and harms of bullying.
Until recently, city supervisors were dramatically underpaid, with some earning even less than their own legislative aides