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In the days to follow, Snowden's leaks would send a shockwave through the media and the world, forever changing perceptions
According to CBS News' John Miller, The Washington Post was in discussions with the U.S. government about publishing the
By publicly identifying himself as the leaker behind last week's NSA revelations, Edward Snowden has secured his place in media and political history.
And again: The president thinks this is "a debate especially worth having here in the United States, but obviously beyond
He also told CNN why he said he'd been waiting "decades" for someone like Snowden to emerge. "Decades in a sense that of
"If you were waiting for the coming out party for the beefed-up ‪@GuardianUS operation, it was last night," tweeted Matt
The Guardian compared Snowden, a 29-year-old former CIA technical assistant and current employee of Booz Allen Hamilton, to
Rogers argued that the disclosures were damaging because the journalist's source did not have enough information to accurately
Earlier this week, Greenwald reported that the NSA currently collects call data from millions of Verizon customers. On Jake
HuffPost Senior Reporter, Zach Carter, joins HuffPost Live to talk about the The New York Times' editorial claiming the the Obama Administration has "lost all credibility."
The Times became one of the more influential voices to chide the Obama administration for attacking press freedom following
The Guardian article has already gotten significant pick-up in the media, with follow-up stories leading the websites of