Haunted Houses

Scare actors from haunted attractions tell HuffPost the appeal of freaking people out.
'''The painters found a stash of Polaroids in a closet. Photos of satanic rituals,' Dad said. 'They painted these crosses to protect us from the evil lurking here.'”
Malcolm Corden thought his wife Margaret was too scared to visit. He was so wrong.
“We were haunted?” I asked my mom, bewildered. “We were terrorized,” she replied.
"Some people believe decades of past experiences and emotions can leave residual energy in a place."
For The Weeknd, a Halloween obsessive, it's a spooky dream come true.
"At first, my parents chalked up our neighbors' peering eyes and hushed whispers to curiosity. But we soon learned there was something else going on."
“Zombies” attack the customers' cars and smear them with artificial blood, but patrons are safely separated from their stalkers by the windows.
Natalie Erika James' directorial debut, now available on VOD, stars Emily Mortimer and Bella Heathcote grappling with the terror of Alzheimer's.
Driving home late that night, I found myself continuously checking my rearview mirror to ensure there was nothing ― or no one ― in my back seat.