Haunted Houses

Natalie Erika James' directorial debut, now available on VOD, stars Emily Mortimer and Bella Heathcote grappling with the terror of Alzheimer's.
Driving home late that night, I found myself continuously checking my rearview mirror to ensure there was nothing ― or no one ― in my back seat.
At these joints, you can dine on food and fright.
Before you get spooked, better scare up some documents first.
These eerie sites boast haunted histories and paranormal happenings.
The former first daughter said she was visited by “friendly ghosts.”
Kim Tam Park representatives said they are investigating, and that the incidents aren't “something we thought up or made up.”
The victim said he and his friends had been chased with fake chainsaws and other prop weapons before being handed the blade.
This clip from the documentary "Haunters: The Art Of The Scare" gives a taste of McKamey Manor, a homemade haunted house where there is no safe word.