Homelessness and Housing

Blasting loud music and pouring buckets of water are part of a broader trend to make it impossible for the homeless to exist.
People with firsthand experience of life on the streets are proposing policies — but they face grinding bureaucracy and strident NIMBYism.
The number of homeless people in the California city increased 16 percent from last year, part of a spike in homelessness across the state in recent years.
Change Please wants to expand its social enterprise to the U.S.
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As the face of homelessness changes, politicians cling to limited policy ideas and quick fixes.
The number of homeless people in San Francisco has gone up 17% and up 43% in Oakland’s Alameda county since 2017.
As Los Angeles landlords renovate units to reap the benefits of a high-priced rental market, renters are being pushed out.
One critic calls next week's ballot measure “one of the most frightening and heinous initiatives that I’ve witnessed in my career.”
Former inmates are almost 10 times more likely to become homeless.
The "Without Me" singer discussed her experience as a homeless teen during a benefit in Hollywood.
An opposing GoFundMe page supports the shelter plan and seeks funds for a local homeless services group.
Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom said “the budget just changed” after a meeting with mayors on housing.
After years of inaction, states and cities are taking aggressive steps to protect renters and bring costs down.
With one ridiculously simple policy, it has almost completely eradicated street homelessness.
Across Los Angeles County, thousands of homeless veterans live in the streets. U.S. VETS is working to change that.
The federal government shutdown could spike eviction rates nationwide.
The nation is not keeping pace with repairing and replacing more than 400,000 affordable rentals.
More than half a million people nationwide were homeless on a given night this year, according to a government report.
Lily, a 7-year-old character first featured seven years ago, will face homelessness and teach kids about it.
Through Precious Dreams Foundation, Nicole Russell delivers calming techniques and items of comfort to help children in transition find the rest they need.
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