internet slang

The web has come up with a new term to describe someone who is both a "bro" and a "snowflake."
Tom Hanks, while hosting 'Stand For Rights: A Benefit For The ACLU' used internet slang to remind people why they need to donate.
We are serious "Af" -- and we don't mean "Aunt Flo."
Americans aren't the only ones embracing hyperbole, fragments and 😂.
In a blog post, Merriam-Webster noted that some of the new words are "kind of goofy" and some come from the "not-so-natural
BuzzFeed had former CBS News anchor Dan Rather sit down to talk about the latest in Internet language: terms like "on fleek
IFF = if and only if/Internet friends forever/identification: friend or foe The document, which is called "Twitter Shorthand
The debates are all about drawing a line in the sand: a line of culture and merit and standards. This is all well and good until you realize that this line is constantly being redrawn, rubbed out, revisited.