iranian americans

"Feeling like you’re the 'other' and trapped between two worlds is something countless Iranian Americans and Middle Easterners have experienced."
As many as 200 people of Iranian descent were held up for hours as they crossed the border from Canada into Washington state last month.
Three years into the ban on travel from Muslim-majority countries, many Iranian Americans say they feel caught up in political limbo with no solution in sight.
“When you’re held at the border, you don’t see a lot of other people with blue eyes and blond hair who were also stopped,” said one Iranian American woman.
"Once they take away the rights of one group, the rest of us are not going to be safe,” said one Iranian American detained for over 11 hours at the U.S. border.
Lawmakers are investigating whether travelers of Iranian descent were unlawfully singled out by border agents at the Peace Arch Border Crossing in Washington.
Lawmakers in Washington state said they're looking into reports that dozens of citizens had trouble entering the U.S. amid escalating tensions with Iran.
In his harrowing, surprisingly funny memoir, he discusses his warring identities as an Iranian-American.
As an Iranian-American Muslim, I also worry for myself, for my family and for my community.
The community has demonstrated political power, but it must do more to offset a potential blow to U.S.-Iran relations in these uncertain times.