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Filming begins Sunday with Rami Malek playing the villain, and "Killing Eve" creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge as a co-writer.
"Bond 25" will be Daniel Craig's last film as Agent 007.
The band has just released the song for Christmas.
Daniel Craig might not give a flying you-know-what about who's going to follow in his James Bond footsteps after SPECTRE, but we can't get enough of him as the suave secret agent with those steely blue eyes and even steelier personality.
In the next James Bond movie, Bond will be played by Daniel Craig, 46. The Bond Girl? She will be Monica Bellucci, 50. It goes without saying that Bellucci is drop-dead gorgeous and sexy. But she doesn't look 20 or 30 or even 40. She simply looks like a gorgeous older woman.
Hawking was also featured in the 1991 Errol Morris documentary "A Brief History of Time," and is the subject of the biopic
We've all decried Hollywood's increasing dependence on foreign markets (aka franchise blockbusters) for years, and we now
Since "Dr. No" debuted in 1962, James Bond fans have been in love with one aspect of their beloved franchise: James Bond
Bosman also asked the Nicaragua-born actress how she felt about the criticism Bond films often get for being sexist. Instead
Do you agree? Who's missing from this list? Chime in below in the comments section. With every Bond edition comes the inevitable
The vacancy at the helm of Bond 24 stems from the fact that "Skyfall" director Sam Mendes decided against coming back for
Barber said Mendes "did an amazing job on 'Skyfall'. We are very thankful for the work that he did." MGM said on Monday that