Janie Bryant

"Hillary Clinton could have an amazing fashion update," said Bryant... Candidate Clinton, she said, "could look totally dynamic
It's a common problem when discussing vintage fashion: Just how different clothing was "back in the day" versus now. If you're like me, you nearly start to turn into a one-off version of Andy Rooney, grumbling about the sloppy hems, plastic buttons and the rarity of natural fabrics in today's shops.
The Huffington Post's requests for comment from reps for both Bryant and Deutch were not immediately returned. Bryant's show
By Julie Miller Harry is another character who has really changed throughout all five seasons. I was just looking at some
Grooming should be a big priority. Stick to a clean and classic look in hair and face to emulate the agency men we watch every Sunday. Take that extra time in presentation as Don Draper would -- as he would surely say, presentation is everything.
How has her off-screen style changed? Take a peek in our gallery below and flip through our many other Style Evolutions. Before
The fact that Priscilla of Boston announced just days before Bryant’s nuptials that after 65 years the business would cease
A small group of famous faces and those responsible for their on-screen fashions gathered at The Beverly Hilton hotel in
Art gallery and café Royal/T in Los Angeles is currently hosting a pop-up shop for Disney's TRON: Legacy. Through December
Finally, there's a book for those of us who worship at the (fashion) altar of Don, Joanie, and Peggy. Janie Bryant, the costume
This week, I'd like to focus on the garments we rarely get to see, underwear and pajamas. Actually, it seems that we've had quite a few glances of undies this season.
Before I get to the Mad Men looks of the week, here's a little tribute to Miss Blankenship. No one rocked those cat eye sunglasses better than you!
With New York Fashion Week underway, I couldn't help but see Betty in Ports 1961, Peggy in Jason Wu, Joan in Prabal Gurung, and Don in Simon Spurr. We cannot deny the profound effect Mad Men has had on the latest trends.
Hellooooo 1965! The times may be ah-changing but it seems the L.A. vs. New York style has not. New Yorker Don traded his hat and suit for Los Angelan Dick, who prefers aviators and short-sleeved button ups.