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Dupri said he thinks all of the current female rappers are "rapping about the same thing" and Cardi was having none of it.
The band is scheduled to perform with Big Boi and Travis Scott at halftime during Super Bowl LIII.
The record producer stopped by to discuss the latest season of his show "The Rap Game," working with Jay Z and even the Kanye West/Taylor Swift drama.
"He's putting a message out here that we have to deal with as a society."
Legendary music producer Jermaine Dupri joins HuffPost Live to chat about his new show, "The Rap Game." 
And he's still waiting for his check.
He tried for years to keep his northwest Atlanta mansion. But Jermaine Dupri’s has lost his former home to foreclosure, according
Despite a strong introduction, the film quickly falls into a narrative that is hyper focused on rap music, yet fails to include in a meaningful way, other musical movements that were taking place simultaneously and contributed significantly to the rise of Atlanta rap.
One man in music who would not need an introduction is Jermaine Dupri. Whether you directly know him or not, he's played a pivotal role in various genres of music over the years.
In addition to the statement, Kelly’s former label head, Jermaine Dupri also expressed his condolences to fans via his blog