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The animals were mostly likely infected by staff and other animals will be tested as well.
The giant pandas at the National Zoo know how to make the most of a snow day — head first and belly up.
The top dogs of the oceanic food web have been overfished to the point of collapse, a troubling new study says.
Less than two weeks into 2021 and it's already brought us lasso snakes.
It appears the infection came from a member of the park’s wildlife care team who also tested positive for the virus.
The beloved pollinator is "a candidate" for threatened or endangered status, but feds said it's behind other species waiting for the designation.
A massive tourist was spotted frolicking near landmarks like the Statue of Liberty.
Kaavan's rescue from a derelict Pakistani zoo was assisted by American singer and actress Cher.
Two big bags of eels bizarrely released in Brooklyn's Prospect Park Lake could potentially cause big problems for native species.
The cloned horse is known as a Mongolian Wild Horse, a species believed extinct in the wild.