Living Nature

The big cats, along with three bears, have put Oklahoma's G.W. Zoo behind them, and now reside at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado.
The Denver Zoo has just welcomed its first Indian rhino calf, after 11 unsuccessful attempts to artificially inseminate her mom, Tensing.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and an environmental organization offered money in a bid to crack the tough case.
After years of uncertainty, fishermen who use nets to catch rockfish, bocaccio, sole, Pacific Ocean perch and other deep-dwelling fish are making a comeback.
The Cirroteuthid octopus with billowing arms was caught on camera by researchers from the vessel E/V Nautilus.
The new rules are a “breathtaking" and “illegal” attack on the bedrock conservation law, an Earthjustice attorney said.
The bear hangs around the dispensary so much that employees have nicknamed it "Cheeseburger."
One minute, it's a cute little bear. The next...
Researchers call for emergency protections as 400 remaining animals fight for their lives.
Mussels are the “canaries in the coal mine for climate change — only this canary provides food and habitat for hundreds of other species," says a biologist.