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The author used quotes by the parents in his new book, allegedly taking them out of context and making them appear complicit in the sexual abuse.
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You’ll never want to miss another day of journaling again.
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A client of mine just called to tell me I’m amazing. I like when that happens. In fact, I like it so much that I’ll try twice
Salesperson Salespeople make change happen through persuasion. Salespeople are able to take almost any idea and shape it
In our new "Independent Contractor" service economy, most of the manufacturing in the first world has been outsourced to
Transcription doesn't take nearly as much brainpower as concentrating on the ideas you hear and deciding what to put down
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As I say on my blog and in my courses: Don't give up. Hang on. Do the work. It's worth it. It's worth it a thousand times over. It's supposed to be hard. All good things in life require tending and laboring, falling and working. It's how we grow and it's how we learn to love.
His new podcast challenges the status quo in academia.
They're often the best way to explain a new idea or concept... for instance: comparing brokers and independent financial
But the teacher plays a major role. I have been an autodidact for the most part. That likely is explained by my weakness
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Intuition is like a muscle; it helps to work it out every day. Below is my daily intuition workout -- four times every day I check in to build my muscles of intuition. Give this workout a shot and let me know (in the comments) how it goes for you.
War is exactly what the Islamic State wants. War legitimizes its claim to be a state and to be treated like a state. The bombing strategy -- whether pursued by Hollande or Obama or Putin -- is also doomed to fail, even if it succeeds in its narrow objective of destroying the Islamic State.
Black feminists seek emancipation from the norms and expectations of typical white women. In a society where the Black female body is appropriated, Black feminists are clamoring to be seen as an everyday type of beauty rather than exotic.
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This article first appeared on I have a really complicated relationship to public speaking. The mere prospect
Which preconceived notion (graffiti) of our generation you want our children to be oblivious to? Interested in your thoughts in the comments section. If you like the read, share it with your network.