marriage arguments

Here are three reasons why you should choose NOT to fight, argue, or be contentious with others.
"We fought all the time. That should tell you something."
One of the main internal struggles that many people face in their relationship at times is the inability to love and understand their partner when they are dealing with their own intense emotions, racing thoughts or even the physical discomfort when their own needs are not being met.
Did you know that a good clean fight with your partner could strengthen your relationship? That's right, healthy skirmishes improve intimacy and communication.
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Remember to be open and receptive. Don't necessarily expect an apology or a reconciliation right away, as that will take you out of a place of love and back into ego. But simply remember to be open and ready to receive so that if it does happen naturally then you are ready to receive it.
Arguments are a normal part of life -- it's certainly not expected that you never disagree with the people that you care about. But what can help is finding a way to disagree that doesn't drive a wedge between the two of you.
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Many people have asked what makes my relationship with Paul so amazing and I tell them it's because we never fight. That's not entirely true, we rarely fight.
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2. The 'If I Lie Here With My Eyes Closed, Maybe He'll Think I'm Asleep' Fight, Or The 'He's Lying There With His Eyes Closed
We forget that when we marry someone, we are not only marrying who they are today, but we are also marrying who they were as a child. The way in which your spouse argued with his parents is probably going to dictate how he will argue with you.
There's nothing wrong with occasional fights between partners. However, relationship issues multiply when fighting becomes the the expected mode of communication. This familiar battling debilitates rather than promotes a couple's bond.
Using the word "whatever" because it's convenient and lets you off the hook for a decision is setting yourself and your relationship up for a downfall.
Raised voices and uncontrollable tears happen -- we're all human, and raising kids is never easy. But calm discussions, by contrast, teach kids that disagreements needn't be drama-filled.
We think most couples wait too long to get help, so we want to bring the simple practices of a conscious partnership into the mainstream so people know how to be in a marriage before they enter one.
The most common source of miscommunication in any relationship is a very simple one: people routinely fail to realize how little they are actually communicating. In other words, we think we've said a lot more than we actually have.