Marshall Mathers

Eminem’s “The Storm” freestyle is a blistering attack on President Donald Trump.
It's only fitting that Eminem decided to release the video for his song "Headlights" on Mother's Day. The track, which features
If you're asking me, well...look: No cultural product is as fraught, practically dead on arrival, as the sequel. It's the rocky shore on which artists seem always to be washing up after their time.
Eminem enlisted celebrated rapper Kendrick Lamar for his new song "Love Game," a cut off of his upcoming album, "The Marshall
Eminem has unveiled the video for "Survival," an original song off the soundtrack to "Call Of Duty: Ghosts." Marshall Mathers
A close look at Eminem's work is required for understanding our present moment and the rising war on women -- because he both preceded and prophesied it.
Battling his addiction was difficult, admitted the 40-year-old performer, who relapsed after his hospitalization -- but he
So here was a man who won an Oscar for Best Original Song and released No. 1 albums while maintaining a level of rage that was -- and perhaps still is -- unparalleled in popular culture. Fast forward ten years later, and what remains of 2002's Marshall Mathers?
We'll be sure to keep an eye on Em's hat game. A selection of our reader's favorite Eminem lyrics is available below. The
In celebration, HuffPost asked fans for their favorite Eminem lyrics, compiled below. In an attempt to further shock and