mercury poisoning

Since ancient times, compounds containing mercury have been used in the treatment of skin diseases and other ailments. However
Mercury emissions from major Massachusetts sources have declined by 90 percent over the past two decades, but mercury levels in the state's freshwater fish hold stubbornly high, with many species too contaminated for pregnant women and children to eat.
If you know anyone using skin-lightening creams, please advise them about the potential dangers of mercury toxicity. If you
"Prolonged exposure got many men killed / There's children born being seriously ill."
There's something in the water.
The nutritional-industrial complex is telling us to eat MORE FISH, but all we eat are all the WRONG KINDS of fish. The big
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Instead of protecting it, the Queensland and Australian federal government have traded the crown jewel of the Seven Wonders of the World for exporting more heat-trapping gas and coal and more poisonous mercury vapor.
Although the Minamata Convention constitutes a significant leap for protecting people and nature against the dangers of mercury, the real work begins now. We have confidence that the November gathering in Bangkok will represent the first great call for concrete global action.
To see Consumer Report's list of the 17 best seafoods with low mercury levels, check out the slideshow below. New research
A potential shifting of the bell curve should ring alarms for policymakers, business leaders and parents alike, experts say
So which fish are safe to eat? And which fish provide the greatest health benefits? These are the questions that scientists with the Environmental Working Group set out to answer.
So how does mercury find its way in to your makeup in the first place? The chemical kills bacteria, so it's an effective
As if you needed another reason to cringe at the number of coal-fired power plants operating on our fragile Earth, a new
This environmental justice activist of Mexican origin has said enough is enough and started to fight for the retirement of the coal-burning plant that for decades has been poisoning the air and water of this mostly Latino community.
As Dr. Reiss pointed out, dolphins too exhibit empathy. But, where is our empathy for them? Are we afraid to feel another's pain, because ultimately it triggers our own pain?
More than 140 countries meeting in Geneva last month signed off on a pact to curb the release of toxic mercury around the world by giant coal-burning power plants as well as 13 million poor artisanal gold miners.
Wild dolphins, like all other animals, including humans, are entitled to the right to life on our blue planet. There's a
Albacore tuna (troll- or pole-caught, from the U.S. or British Columbia Freshwater Coho salmon (farmed in tank systems, from