Michael Mulgrew

Some members of the New York City United Federation of Teachers say the union’s endorsement process is undemocratic. Its leaders disagree.
We dedicate our lives to taking care of other people’s children, but when it’s time to have our own, we have to fend for ourselves.
In her bid to become UFT president, Lee says she represents a large, but mostly silent body of teachers who remain frustrated with the union for not challenging damaging education polices.
New York City teachers union boss Michael Mulgrew is feeling good about his "war with reformers." He should; Mulgrew and other anti-reformers are on winning streaks.
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Eller, a classical guitarist who also performs in the city, earns $85,426 annually, according to the New York Daily News
The instinct we saw at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I have seen many times over. It is a teacher's instinct to love, serve and protect their students. And it's what we saw following the devastation of Superstorm Sandy. Here, as we approach the holidays, is that story.
The New York Daily News reports only two extra snow days were budgeted in the school calendar. In the aftermath of the storm
"We know the answer as to what it takes to fix our schools, is to invest in great teachers. Teachers are the answer," Romney
The city has also struggled for years to fire teachers accused of various forms of sexual misconduct. Although independent