military homecomings

Some gifts are more meaningful than any toys from a store.
"My boyfriend of almost 6 years surprised me by flying home from California to Florida, coming to my work, and proposing
Little did they know that the parents attempting to score goals on the ice would be reuniting with their son after two years
Some children ask Santa for new toys for Christmas. Others want a puppy or a trip to Disney World. But the kids in the video
Byron Harrill has waited roughly half his life to be reunited with his airman dad. But this week, the wait was finally over
H/T: mnsNOW If you're looking for a good old happy-cry, look no further. This video did the trick for us. We don't know a
And we know reunions like this never get old, so we like to keep a compilation of them on hand. Grab some tissues, and get
Just another reason why lunch is the best part of the school day. Special James Wyatt, who served in Iraq, came home and
"It was just gut-wrenching," mom Dinah Rhea-Gregg told ABC. "For [my husband] it shows how much he loves him; it meant how