military suicide

I want to focus on one troubling truism that research has unfortunately made quasi-axiomatic: It's not the deployments -- their intensity, their frequency, or their number -- that contribute to the epidemic of military suicide.
CHICAGO (AP) -- War-time suicide attempts in the Army are most common in newer enlisted soldiers who have not been deployed
Though Reggie is physically disabled and his speech is slurred, he shies away from dwelling on his pain and injuries. Instead
Throughout what would become four years in the hospital, Smith still couldn't shake the feeling of having nothing to live
"My exit strategy for Walter Reed was to hang myself," he said. "I was ready to roll. Once you've killed people, one more
A congresswoman flew Odom and her partner to Washington, D.C., for the July 2011 press conference. She lived to get on the
Odierno sat down in his spacious Pentagon office with The Huffington Post to talk about the growing number of Army suicides
"Families very often fall apart," said Kim Ruocco, who started a suicide survivors support group after her husband, John
Not long after, they hear a ka-rump and there goes the slow-rising column of black smoke. O'Brien knows that other convoy
In recovery, Joshua was prescribed a cocktail of drugs for pain, anxiety, nausea and other side-effects of surgery: diazepam