mobile malware

Android's greatest strength is also its most serious weakness.
Apple's recent malware problem is alarming, but don't head for the hills just yet.
Android users are being warned that three apps available in the Google Play store were found to contain malicious adware.
News reports, based on the leaks of NSA information by Edward Snowden, say that GCHQ stored millions of images gleaned from
By analyzing over 1.85 million mobile apps and vulnerabilities, the study found that 92 percent of identified threats involved Android smartphones (one of the most popular cellphones available).
The security flaws also left consumers vulnerable to what is called "toll fraud" -- when hackers send premium text messages
The DNS Changer virus may not have caused the havoc many expected, but don't get too complacent -- that's just one of a number of nasty viruses and malware out there waiting to get a hold of your system. Is your smartphone next?