Reporting by Lloyd I. Sederer, MD Some time ago, dear and generous friends invited my wife and me for a 3-day weekend trip
Watch and see where you need to go. I hope this helps you plan your next Travel Therapy trip!
Archaeologist Sarah Parcak used satellite data to find the Canadian site.
The same can happen here. A 2010 poll found that half of Newfoundland sealers actually support a plan that would buy back
The Day the World Came to Town:9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland by Jim DeFede Gander had a population of around 9,000. This is
For the discriminating traveler looking for something different that combines an international flair with rich history and natural beauty, the territory is a "hidden gem" among North American tourist destinations.
Breathtaking vistas, natural wonders and fabulous people (so nice, we actually felt guilty at times!) combine to make the island of Newfoundland one of our favorite places on earth.
While there is no silver bullet to the global challenge of overfishing, a market-based program like the Marine Stewardship Council has an important part to play to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the bounty of our oceans.
Alan Doyle is a self-professed lucky bastard, and I suspect he may also be magic.
OK, perhaps I could have been a tad more sympathetic with Rivka yesterday - especially that knock about woofing down the
Rape of the forest for power lines An old yellow school bus, its front and back painted glaring blue, stands by the side
Yet another This is indeed the end of the line. Nain, a town of just 1,200 people and Nunatsiavut's administrative capital
It's cold, the dark grey clouds are lowering ever lower, the water is even darker, the summer thunder of far northern climes is rumbling out a tattoo of titanic belches, we're way, way beyond the remotest back of beyond, and I'm saying wow, isn't this wild.
We don't even have to go through security -- the first time that's happened to me -- for the 45-minute flight to Rigolet, then a further 25 minutes on to Makkovik, aboard a 19-seat clapped out old DHC-6 Twin Otter STOL (short take-off and landing).