All over the United States, people like Stephanie McGraw are working to make positive and lasting change in the lives of
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That was quite the Super Bowl and we saw something we've never seen before. We also saw more of something we will continue to see more of in the form of business branding themselves more on beliefs than benefits. But this is your space.
Economic inequality in Chicago will not be fixed overnight but with investments in the work of local organizations, and significant
In theory, if you have more and more people making donations you are more likely also having success in retaining your donors
Now I have nothing against Make-A-Wish Foundation. They do what they promised to do. It was a failure of my imagination that
Very soon forward-thinking non-profits will be extremely busy dealing with political opposition on several fronts.
If there's anything Americans take from the speech, I hope it's these four calls to action: get involved, get engaged, come together, and demand.
The New Year is a traditional time for reflection and renewing commitments to core purposes. To many, these actions feel