nude scenes

"They're apparently very expensive. Someone's managed to monopolize on this niche market making cock socks," he said. Then
One of the reasons Rossellini thought the film would be better without the nude scene is the controversy that surrounded
Ah, the '70s: a time of disco, frilly shirts, and erotic art house films with titles like "The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac." It was time when a lot of people made questionable choices (we're thinking mainly of the frilly shirts here)--but should they be paying for those choices with their jobs?
The nude scene has always occupied a tenuous place in cinema. Some critics bemoan most on-screen nudity as a cheap trick
Although racy nude sex scenes don't necessarily come to mind while thinking of Martin Short's career, the actor and comedian
She keeps the clothes for Polanski -- instead, she sheds her lunch in an already buzzed-about vomiting scene. In her new
This is the way Bollywood kissed in the 70s. All things sexual were left, literally, to the birds and the bees. There'd been