nyc mayors race 2013

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The answer is shame. Inwardly, he's like the gambler who's driven to risk and lose and must bathe in shame until his humiliation
Anthony Weiner responded to new sexting allegations on Tuesday following claims from nightlife website "The Dirty" that the former congressman had engaged in sex chats with a 22-year-old woman in 2012.
The mayoral candidate released the following statement: In April, Weiner hinted more evidence of sexting may emerge. "The
Read the statement below, via New York Magazine: According to the site, Weiner used the handle "Carlos Danger" when talking
Distributed by MCT Information Services "They're very soon, I would argue, going to have the same kind of black mold right
The big drop in first-quarter stops affected the number of weapons seized by police. Officers confiscated 49 percent fewer
Wednesday, during a televised interview, Kelly went so far as to say that African-Americans in New York City are actually
Many of the ideas in the booklet match those of a similar booklet Weiner released in 2009, during a bid for mayor which he
The poll of 1,417 voters, which was conducted from April 3rd through 8th, has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.6 percentage
[VIA Gothamist] For more on Quinn's plan to slow the "middle class squeeze" go here. Are you surprised? Maybe not. After
Catsimatidis said he believes in gay marriage and is against congestion pricing, and considers himself a champion of both