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Despite classic conservative efforts to foil reformist gains, the overwhelmingly young, educated, democratically active populace harnessed innovative technologies and tactics to boldly demand change.
More than a dozen GOP governors wrote a letter to President Barack Obama, vowing to keep state-level sanctions on Iran despite the nuclear deal. But can a state really circumvent the U.S. President's policy on sanctions? A U.S. Supreme Court case from several years ago could block that plan.
Here are some disquieting scenarios and questions to consider: That leaves stiffer sanctions as the only realistic way to
As a compromise, Cardin and nine other Democrats signed letters earlier this year committing to holding off on a vote on
At the heart of the administration's concern with Corker's legislation are two separate issues. The first is the overarching
While some U.S. lawmakers have proposed additional sanctions for Iran, Einhorn said he doubted financial punishment would
Netanyahu plans to speak to Congress in March about Iran's nuclear program, even while Obama administration officials work
WASHINGTON -- Hawkish Senate Democrats are backing off an aggressive push for Iran sanctions legislation, saying they'll
“Our position has not changed. We obviously don’t think that that would be productive or the right step,” State Department
It is often said that politics makes for strange bedfellows. The truth of this aphorism has been illustrated by the ostensible warming of U.S. relations with Iran.