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Two of the possible Republican candidates are from Florida and are very popular there. That puts both Bush and Rubio into a favorable position for the nomination, and could help them both in the general election.
PM David Cameron spoke warmly of Charles Kennedy, the former Lib Dem party leader, who died today at age 55.
I'd like to hear someone ask this president to distinguish himself not only as the man who broke the White House color barrier but as the leader who inspired progress toward cooperation and good will.
While California's Democratic Party is dominant, labeling the state's elected representatives as universally left-of-center
READ MORE: Alaska GOP headquarters under lockdown, leadership meeting Monday night The Alaska Republican Party's assets are
No matter how many times I explain it to them, my kids can't seem to grasp that the people's choice in the world's oldest democracy is not necessarily the one who assumes the country's highest office, but they're only 10 (twins).
If Americans were told to choose between two cars, shirts, colors or family sizes, we'd rise up in revolt. Tell us we have only two parties, however, and we accept it as though any alternative is unimaginable.
Not long ago, party affiliation was important but not critical, and many, if not most, Americans probably voted for candidates of both parties at some point. Not anymore.
If your response to the fact that some find AV difficult to understand is to sniff and say that you understand it, can you
Ferguson, father of the Investment Theory of Politics, explains why polarization has completely gripped Washington -- and why the New Deal is getting rolled back in the process.
When we're building coalitions or negotiating with political opponents, we don't always get to choose our ideal political partners.
Whatever you choose to believe, beware: it's all just a story. Hillary Clinton is shifting the paradigm and the narrative