Hot and humid summer weather can impact allergy symptoms -- and to ensure that your indoor and outdoor activities are not impacted by "wheezing and sneezing" moments. Our tips will allow you to manage, reduce and (perhaps) eliminate allergens in your indoor and outdoor environment.
For some, spring is sunshine and flowers. For others, it's a rare form of torture.
It's that time of the year again. You step out of the house and your eyes itch, your nose starts running and your head feels
Here are four weapons you can use to fight allergies this spring:
Did you know you're the cause of nearly 50% of all North American cases of pollen-related allergic rhinitis? Of course you
Your tongue may swell or your lips might start to tingle when you eat an apple, but you know that you aren't allergic to apples. Why is this? It may be oral allergy syndrome.
Here’s an all-too-familiar springtime scenario: The sounds of incessant sneezing and coughing echo throughout your office
Antihistamines are fine on occasion, but should not be abused and may be mildly addictive. “Long-term use often affects mental
When one thinks of German artist Wolfgang Laib, it's hard not to conjure an image of a yellow sea of pollen. In essence, he's