post-it notes

Anyway, for years, we got tons of orders for these real estate pads, it got so out of hand at points that we refused to do
And now there's so much more we can do with them! 👍🏼
We never bother to Google "Can you really delete a text message forever?" If we did, we'd discover a treasure trove of procedures for retrieving stuff we wish could vanish; some of those methods even include helpful YouTube videos to aid the technologically challenged.
Paper-based communications might be nearing obsolescence, but there’s a reason 3M still sells an estimated $1 billion worth of Post-It notes every year.
Some people are great achievers. They have numerous interests and can always be found working on one stimulating project or another.
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In an interview with Rutgers Today, Munoz explained he gets many of the quotes from blogs and then drops them around campus
Post-it War hosts 1,000+ photos of the ongoing window art, as the battle continues. It's only a matter of time before this
Everyone has Post-It Notes. A lot of people use them. Most people abuse them. I'd like to add "Re-positional Addiction" to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.