psychedelic art

Inspired by comic books, science fiction, horror movies, early video games and computer graphics, artist Jess Johnson imagines a psychedelic world outside of our cell phones.
Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior is Phong Bui's compendium of psychedelic-related art. I cannot tell you if how he curates is how curating is done. But I can dissect his process by means of our conversation, and perhaps that will be interesting or useful.
Sex arouses the body, nature enriches the soul, and art inspires the mind. Artist Mark Henson makes love visible with a paintbrush.
When you hear the term "psychedelic art," visions of tie-dye, lava lamps and engorged magic mushrooms likely come to mind
A new music video from Japanese musician Shugo Tokumaru has turned the feeling of rebuilding fading memories into a psychedelic
The resulting images capture holistic heroes from Ghandi to Bob Marley along with more abstract yet equally vibrant drawings
The titillating barrage of Parker's beyond-bright graphics comes to a close with an interview conducted by New York-based
A retrospective of her work will debut at Sonos Studio in Los Angeles, giving a complete look back at the relationship between
Check out a few of these trippy images below: A new book, "Electric Banana" [Damiani, $39.95], includes hundreds of images
Richter's new solo exhibition is called 'A concert of purpose and action,' based on Woodrow Wilson's 1917 declaration of