pygmy hippo

Obi and his mom, Petre, ventured into a large pool at the Melbourne Zoo last week for Obi's first real swim -- and, by the
"She ignores some items, and others she plays with until they fall apart," says Crumpacker. "As a nocturnal animal, Hannah
Prince Harry the pygmy hippo was operated on today to repair an umbilical hernia, which had the potential to cause gut strangulation
"We knew we wanted to call him something beginning with H and it suddenly struck us to name him Harry after the prince," Hall
Occasionally we here at Huffington Post will post a video or photos of what we think is a cute little animal, and the comments
The baby was 11 pounds at birth, and the zoo is holding a contest to name him, KHOU reports. According to the Smithsonian
How about this for a cute animal? A pygmy hippo was born in Rotterdam on Wednesday, inspiring HuffPost Green to assemble