pygmy hippo

Below are a few GIFs so you can watch Obi on an infinite loop: Pygmy hippos, which grow to about one-quarter the weight of
Check out more of baby hippo Olivia in the clip above. Those who are looking forward to paying Olivia a visit in Sweden must
Get in touch at if you've got an animal story to share! Pigmy hippos, which are listed
But Harry's birth on April 2 also captured the world's attention because the little hippo almost didn't make it: his mother
Hall told lifestyle magazine Female First naming the newborn after the Prince was meant to honor his work in Africa. PHOTOS
Occasionally we here at Huffington Post will post a video or photos of what we think is a cute little animal, and the comments
According to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, pygmy hippos are smaller than their cousins, common Nile hippopotamuses
How about this for a cute animal? A pygmy hippo was born in Rotterdam on Wednesday, inspiring HuffPost Green to assemble