Rebecca Romijn

Stamos previously referred to his ex as "the Devil" in press a interview.
O'Connell, who is married to Stamos' ex Rebecca Romijn, says he's been avoiding "bringing attention to a situation that I don’t want to feed into.”
The actor, Romijn's current husband, said they were both blindsided by the release of her ex-husband’s bombshell memoir.
The former “Full House” star spoke candidly to Howard Stern about how he only put about “50, 60%” of effort into his marriage.
“In my mind back then, she was the Devil, and I just hated her,” the “Full House” star said. “I couldn’t believe how much I hated her, and it ruined my life.”
Romijn said she didn’t “want to throw anyone under the bus... Except for Brett Ratner” and delved into the sexual assault allegations against Bryan Singer.
The actor touched on her first marriage and "heartbreaking" divorce in a surprisingly candid chat with her current husband, Jerry O'Connell.
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