Ron Fournier

Too many of us have become seduced by the relationship control we now have. We choose selective exclusion - living, working
That distant rumble you're hearing from the Beltway is the sounds of pundits eagerly excavating as they dig up the campaign goal posts established for Hillary Clinton's presidential run and reset them during the middle of the race.
"Help your child understand that whatever makes them different makes them special."
Veteran journalist Ron Fournier opens up about parenting, raising a child with autism and his new book, "Love That Boy."
Ron Fournier discusses the anxiety we all have as parents. We continue to balance our dreams we have for our children with the realities our children face. Our dreams do not always reflect the strengths in our children.
Brooks said during the Wednesday interview that he was "thankful" that his "war on whites" comment had gotten so much attention
“This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching
Suggesting that Obama's six-week health care crisis puts him in the same position of Bush following the Iraq invasion softens not only the magnitude of Bush's failures, but the media's as well. It's an effort to downplay the massive missteps that led to the war.
"Just like Katrina, when the big problem President Bush had was diminishing the significance of what was happening, saying
Isn't there a strong argument to be made that, by staring down the radicals inside the Republican Party who closed the government down in search of political ransom, Obama unequivocally led? And that he led on behalf of the majority of Americans who disapproved of the shutdown?
So it's a little bit weird for a guy who's terrified of super-intimidating executive branch underlings to simultaneously
Voter disillusionment is not caused by pundits who..."falsely promise that the glowing briefcase of president leadership
NEW YORK –- Associated Press Washington bureau chief Sally Buzbee was among the journalists targeted in the Justice Department's
Since winning reelection, Obama has appeared more confident and upbeat than at any time since his 2008 campaign, and media coverage has reflected that. The president's second honeymoon is likely to continue a little while longer. But such interludes never last.
Four years later, King broke the news of Bill Clinton's choice after receiving a numeric clue repeatedly on his pager: 4673
Oreskes argues that "what people crave is the clarity of the statements," which can be found just as much in sharp, analytical
Without a doubt, many of the attacks from the far-right against President Obama have amounted to nothing more than the political equivalent of speaking in tongues.
To be fair, the Teleprompter also telegraphs "words" that were written by "speechwriters" as a means of assisting the President
"He said, she said" is not so much a truth-telling strategy as refuge-seeking behavior that fits well into newsroom production demands.